13 December 2018

Spring Song, or, The Poet in Difficulties (A.P. Herbert)

I must not say, "The day is fine and hot."
That is complacency: so I will not.

I must not say, "The day is cold and wet."
That is despondency - more deadly yet.

I must not say, "The sky is grey and solemn."
That is defeatist - and perhaps Fifth Column.

And, if from every comment I refrain,
That's dangerous apathy, and wrong again.

I must not say, "There may be storms ahead."
That is a rumour, and must not be spread.

And then, I must not give our enemies
The smallest hint of what the weather is.

Nor should I say what flowers (if any) grow,
For any trifle may assist the foe.

So, with all proper reticence, I sing
That, by the date, I think it must be Spring.

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